About the Film -- Production Team for "Girly Girls"

Girly Girls has been blessed to have a fantastic Production Team.
Listed below are some of the team members and a little more about each of them.

Zulema Nall
Writer / Director / Producer
Katy, TX

Zulema Nall is a Latina born in Guatemala City, married, and she has 3 wonderful children; 2 boys and 1 girl. When she is not acting, directing or producing films, she volunteers her time making tutorials on how to Knit and Scrapbook. She is also the owner of the group "Little Craft Box". Zulema has, from the time she was a little girl, worked as VoiceOver talent following in her father's footsteps, who was the one of the Voices in T.G.W. Guatemala Radio. She has supplied voiceover talent for TV and Radio commercials, and in Film and today she continues to do so.

Expanding her horizons, she has also produced several short films; "Rebirth" and "Encore" by Paul Spite, and "Cops and Robber" by Mark Baird. Stories she has written are "G.I. Faux", a kid friendly story about kids having fun in outdoor play, "Tea Time", a story about domestic violence and how children become silent victims when exposed to it, and "Girly Girls", a story with a Message Against Bullying. Beyond all of this, she has also participated as an actress in the feature films "A Coming Day" and "Conspiracy High", soon to have theatrical releases. Recently she has been cast in the feature film "The Prodigal". She is one of the Producers of the TV "Show Wake Me Up" where she has also been cast as Diana Michaels. Zulema has also participated in the music video for the song Repent by Michael Green.

Billy Dorsey
Music Writer/Producer for "Girly Girls"
a.k.a. as Billy D Lyrics
Houston, TX
Billy's Website

Houston-based songwriter/producer and 2013 Grammy Award, Stellar Award and Dove Award winning songwriter and producer Billy Dorsey has already achieved more in his life than most musicians dream possible. As a songwriter/vocal arranger/engineer for the Christian Hip Hop artist 'Lecrae', Billy began his chart run of major success with his work on the international best-selling album "Rehab: The Overdose", which went on to win the 2012 Stellar and Dove Awards for Best Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year.

Billy has worked on albums for Maino (Atlantic Records), Day26 (Atlantic Records), 2 Chainz (Def Jam) and others. Billy is poised for his first Grammy win in February 2013 for his work on Lecrae's "Gravity". Dorsey, also known as Billy D Lyrics, produced the second best-selling track "Higher" featuring gospel group 'Tenth Avenue North'.

Billy is also producing the music soundtrack CD for "Girly Girls".

Robert Buttrick
Graphics/DVD Design, Website Design, for "Girly Girls"
Willis, TX

Robert began creating websites, small personal sites, for family and close friends back in the mid-90's. Over the years he has worked on being better each time he created a new site. Perfection is always his goal when creating, from graphics to web sites. Lately he has started creating film posters and DVD covers for locally produced films, a natural extension of his web design. He has made the posters for the short films "Tea Time" and "G.I.Faux", among others as well as for "Girly Girls". He also creates other graphics needed for films as well as the DVD covers. He has created the "Girly Girls" website, the website for Eddie Bauer, Jr., and he is currently working on producing websites for a few young and 'rising star' actors.

Robert has always had an interest in acting, both with stage and with film, having performed on stage until age 8. After more than 30 years away from acting, Robert has rejoined the field of acting, primarily sticking to small roles to relearn the craft that has been forgotten over so many years away from stage. His first role was in the film "Toy Box" by Michael Colburn. He has also had small parts in several short films, including "Cops and Robber" with Zulema Nall, and feature films "Jacob" and the Chuck Walker production "Return to Vengeance" with Burton Gilliam, Lorenzo Lamas, and Daniel Baldwin, to be released in 2013.


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