Our Girly Girls -- Rachel Nall

Born in Texas in 2004, Rachel has always been a very active little girl, she loves to act, dance, sing and play sports. Her first role as an actress was in the musical "Hairy Tale Rock" as the #1 Dwarf. Her perfomance consisted of dancing and singing and having the opportunity to act with a lot of very talented kids. She also participated in several short and feature films and in 2011 she took the lead role in the short film "Tea Time", a story about how kids become silent victims when exposed to domestic violence. In the same year she secured a supporting role as Kennedy in "Conspiracy High", a feature film about a group of kids that investigates a series of weird events happening at school. 2013 has started off with her landing a major role in the "Girly Girls" movie, a story with a great message against bullying and about friendship. She will be Avery Peterson in the film, the 'Girly Girls' #1 Fan!

Rachel enjoys being part of the film industry but when she is not on set she enjoys doing cheer and crafting. She is part of "Little Craft Box," a group for ladies dedicated to teaching others how to entertain themselves by learning different crafting activities. Rachel also gets together with friends to do scrapbooking and knitting. In addition to these 'get-togethers', she also creats tutorials on YouTube about how to do crafting. Rachel is also an excellent 3rd grade student and loves school

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