Our Girly Girls -- Mackenzie Clynes

Mackenzie Clynes, born in 2003, is a native Houstonian and an identical twin. Mackenzie and her twin sister Avery have both had a passion for performing since a very early age. Performances at home for family and friends quickly blossomed into a passion for something bigger. Mackenzie's debut into acting came at age 5 when she cast as a kid on the 'Good Ship Lollipop' in the musical "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Shortly after her first theatre production, Mackenzie booked a supporting role in the "Daddy, I Miss You" music video and was also featured on the DVD cover.

In 2011, Mackenzie was cast as 'Paula Parker' in family-friendly web series "Spaghetti Family". 2012 was a busy year with several projects including a trailer for the feature film "Church Mice" and the short film "GI Faux". Mackenzie also participated in 'Splatterfest' for the first time as the lead role of 'Courtney Foster' in "The Family Secret", which earned a "Best Child Acting Ensemble" award.

In addition to films, Mackenzie has done several musical productions including 'Aristocrats', 'Bugs', 'Cocoon', 'Canterbury Tales', and the 'Princess Principle'. Mackenzie has also appeared in several commercials that have aired in the Austin and Houston areas. Mackenzie already has several projects for 2013, including "Girly Girls", where Mackenzie plays the lead role of 'Girly Girl' Mindy Smith. Mackenzie also does modeling as well and has been featured in several local publications including 'Academy' ads circulated throughout the Southeastern U.S. In addition to acting and modeling, Mackenzie is a busy 4th grader who loves to sing, play the guitar, play basketball, and swim.

Mackenzie is currently represented by Pastorini-Bosby in Houston.


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