Our Cast - Special Appearances -- Matthew Pogonat - Chef

Matthew Pogonat-Walters (PW), also known as "Chef Matthew," is a gifted 2nd grader from Austin, TX with a larger than life imagination, a love for learning how to cook, and a naturally intuitive talent for acting. Matthew started his cooking adventures at the age of five and loves to learn how to cook/prepare tasty new dishes on his own. He also very much loves acting and decided to combine his two favorite activities to create his YouTube show, MPW-TV Kid's Cooking Show! The web series is intended to help other children learn and be empowered to help themselves in the kitchen, featuring nutritious recipes that any child can make with minimal adult help.

Matthew's acting endeavors are currently flourishing including starring in lead roles for two short films; "Tent", which won audience favorite in the 48HR Film Project, and "My Super Valentine", due to be released in May. He has recently been cast as a principal character in an independent feature film, set to start shooting Spring 2013.

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