Our Cast - Special Appearances -- Illuminate

"Better to illuminate than merely to shine" - Thomas Aquinas

Illuminate Dance Crew

This fantastic group of four young entertainers met in class at Reach Intermix in late 2011 and quickly formed a bond that would last a lifetime. The group is comprised of Iriyana Lipkin, age 11, Ryan Maczuga age 12, Joseph Rivera age 11, and Seth Lee at 10 years old. The group specializes in a form of dance that was created by their exceptional instructor Carmichael Simon, called XiaolinGruv (pronounced Shaolin Groove) that integrates hip-hop and free style dance with elements of martial arts, tricking, and acrobatic gymnastics. In addition to their exceptional martial arts, gymnastics, and dance skills, these four dynamos are also achieving great success in acting, modeling, individual dance competitions, and competing in martial arts tournaments. As a group, they have won the Leander/Cedar Park Rotary Club talent show and were finalist in Georgetown's Got Talent.

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