About the Film -- Family Film With an Anti-bully Message Begins Production.

Logline:  Three child stars embark to make their mark "living the dream" when one 9-year-old little girl "tag-along" brings something unique to the table that changes everything to the story. In a world of peer-pressure and posturing, these kids work it out to inspire others and heal a lost friendship. This "me-focused" clique will learn that "Girly Girls" are true friends forever and team matters most!

Synopsis:  Avery just wants to be popular like the "Girly Girls" trio sensation. Lead singer and self-proclaimed star, Brittany, controls the twins, Cindy and Mindy, who want to add Avery to the group. The duo decide to take a stand and remind Brittany that the group is a team and together, they will achieve more. In the process Cindy and Mindy help Avery bounce back academically and heal a rift between former friends Alex and Brittany. In a world where words can hurt, these girls learn to respect each other and to value their fans.

Their hit song "Me" promises to inspire everyone, as we see "Girly Girls" take center stage at the school Talent Night celebration.

This family film with a message is a transition story for pre-teens, deals with the challenges of academics, absentee parenting, and bullying in a way that is entertaining with the use of music, singing, and dancing.

This story invites viewing audiences to join in on the fun starring Rebekah Poret, Avery and Mackenzie Clynes, Rachel Nall, Billy Dorsey, 2013 Grammy Winner (as himself), Spokesperson Nellie Gonzalez (as herself), TrulyUnique (celebrity singing group), Illuminate (hip hop dance crew), an appearance by "Fermin the Clown," and a stellar cast and crew.

Registered with the Texas Film Commission
Screenplay Registered with WGA #1642382

Zulema Nall, Producer/Executive Producer/Writer/Director
Billy Dorsey, Music Producer (2013 Grammy Winner) - www.BillyDorsey.com


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